Past Symposia

Here you can find information about past symposia. In addition to a complete list of all previous speakers, the section contains information about the topic, speakers, program agenda and more.

4th Research Symposium

4th Annual
Research Symposium

Friday May 11, 2012
Nemours / Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children

Conference Publications

For your convenience, we have made the 2012 DHSA Research Conference publications and presentations available for download. A contact list can be obtained here.

Poster Session Awards

More than 30 research projects were on display in the lobby during the lunchtime poster session. Based on votes cast by those in attendance, the following were selected for awards:

Tie for First Place

Role of MicroRNA 23b in Colon Cancer Stem Cells, Vignesh Viswanathan – UD; Collaborators – L. Opdenaker, G. Gonye, N.J. Petrelli, B.M. Boman.

Implantable Three-Dimensional Salivary Spheroid Assemblies Demonstrate Fluid and Protein Secretory Responses to Neurotransmitters, Swati Pradhan Bhatt – UD; Collaborators – D.A. Harrington, R.L. Duncan, X. Jia, R.L. Witt, M.C. Farach-Carson.

Second Place

Role of HOX Genes in Regulation of Stem Cell Populations in Normal and Malignant Colon Tissue, Seema Bhatlekar – UD; Collaborators – K. Czymmek, V. Viswanathan, G. Gonye, B. Boman.