Pilot Grants

DHSA pilot grants provide up to $75,000 for projects ranging from 12 to 18 months. Projects are selected based on scientific merit, the potential to lead to a larger proposal for National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding, and the ability of the research team, which must include at least one investigator from each member institution, to demonstrate successful collaboration among the four institutions.

Awarded DHSA Pilot Projects:

Childhood Cancer Research

"Nanotechnology Based Drug Delivery for Childhood Leukemia"
Co-Investigators: Ayyappan Rajasekaran - Nemours, Xinqiao Jia- UD, Scott Waldman - TJU, Robert Witt - CCHS 


Children with CP

"A New Frontier:Using Linked Pharmacy Data to Understand Primary Nonadherence and Therapeutic Inertia in Hypertension"
Co-Investigators: Daniel Elliott - CCHS, Joseph Couto - TJU, Edward Ratledge - UD, Iman Sharif - Nemours, Terri Steinberg - CCHS


Children with CP

"NLGN4Y Gene Dosage Effects in Human and Cellular Models for Autism"
Co-Investigators: Judith Ross - TJU, David Colby - UD, Richard Fischer - CCHS, Karen Gripp - TJU, Diane Merry - Nemours, Matthew Thakur –TJU, Eric Wickstrom - TJU


Previously awarded DHSA Pilot Projects:

Childhood obesity Group

"Novel Approaches to the Study of Determinant of Childhood Obesity utilizing Health Information Systems"
Co-Investigators: Deborah Ehrenthal, Kristin Maiden – CCHS, Judith Ross – TJU/Nemours, Samuel Gidding, David West, Lou Barteshesky – Nemours, Ben Carterette and Michael Peterson - UD


Children with CP

"Relationships between Cortical Motor Organization and Response to Exercise Interventions in Children with Cerebral Palsy"
Co-Investigators: Stuart Binder-McLeod, Samuel Lee, Trisha Kesar – UD, Freeman Miller – Nemours, Susan Duff – TJU and Kert Anzilotti – CCHS


Linking Genotype to Phenotype

"Linking Genotype to Phenotype: A pilot project to create a research data warehouse of biospecimen and omic information"
Co-Investigators: Jack London – TJU, Cathy Wu – UD, Ed Ewen – CCHS, and Timothy Bunnell – Nemours


Zhihao Zhuang Research Team

"Discovery of inhibitors against the ubiquitin specific protease 11 in human DNA damage response"
Co-Investigators: Zhihao Zhuang – UD, Andrew Napper – Nemours, Jonathan Brody – TJU, and Zohra Ali-Khan Catts – CCHS


Ulhas Naik

"JAM-A - A Potential Risk Factor for Dilated Cardiomyopathy"
Co-Investigators: Ulhas P. Naik – UD, Takeshi Tsuda – Nemours, Walter Koch – TJU, and William Weintraub –  CCHS


Robert Sikes

"Mechanisms of Castrate Resistant Prostate Cancer involving the Androgen Receptor in the Bone Microenvironment"
Co-Investigators: Robert Sikes – UD, Karen Knudsen – TJU, Ayyappan Rajasekaran – Nemours, and Charles Schneider – CCHS.